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8 DAYS LEFT to help us reach our goal. support us by donating at

by and for oakland youth who are getting real about the shitty sex ed in our schools.

Did you ever have to watch a gym teacher put a condom on a banana? Do you wish young people have a better way to get the information they need to make smart decisions about sex? Well here is something YOU can do about it!

We are Asian youth from Oakland, CA and we are making a series of fun, creative and sexy videos to get young people talking about sex. We need YOU to help reach our goal of $5,000 to finish making these videos, which educate, inform and start conversations about:

  • Sex
  • Using protectiion
  • Preventing STIs (sexually transmitted infections)
  • Partner communication
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation
  • LGBTQ-inclusive sex ed
  • Self acceptance
  • Family communication

We know it’s hard for young people to get accurate information about sex. And we usually don’t get to decide what kind of sex ed gets taught to us. So we’re taking matters into our own hands and making our voices heard. Sex Ed: the Saga is BY YOUTH, FOR YOUTH, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before! We use music, dancing, animation, and funny pop culture references to start conversations on topics that no one else is talking about.

Making these videos and getting them out into the world takes a lot: green screen time, props, animation of sex ed balls (you gotta see it!), awesome locations and distrubution costs. We can’t do it without you!

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west o sunset

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jesus fucking christ. the oakland tag is filled with nothing but one direction. submit things y’all. 


pls stop submitting links of videos, photos, etc. submit videos as videos. either paste the embed/url or upload them there. don’t give me a damn link to a video. same goes for photos and other media. thank you.

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Seeking Bay Area queer, trans, and POC actors

I’ve just been accepted to the Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project’s Filmmaker training program and am getting ready to start pre-production for my third film! This short film is about a cis woman coming to terms with the news that her trans boyfriend is going to start taking hormones. Though initially she does not handle the news very well, she ultimately realizes that her love for her partner vastly outweighs her fear of what the future holds.

I will be shooting the film in the Bay Area in from mid-to-late March. Auditions will be in early March. I am looking for actors in their 20s who are queer, trans, and/or of color to fill the following roles:

Naima is a mixed-race woman with naturally big, curly hair. She loves Theo and tries to support him the best she can, but when Theo tells her he’s going to start taking hormones, she panics. She is fearful of the prejudice he will face, and how it may shape their life together.

Theo is pre-op/non-op trans guy (any race). He loves his partner, Naima, and when he “comes out” about starting hormones, he’s surprised by how upset she gets and begins to worry that transitioning might test the strength of their relationship.

Ray can be of any gender or race. Ray is the best friend that calls Naima out on her selfishness, which helps Naima see she was in the wrong and make amends with Theo.

I’ll be shooting the film in Oakland in the spring. If you’re interested or have questions, please hit me up at Please share!

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how many of y’all have seen fruitvale station?

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It says “Baby Hiram” in reference to a one year old that was killed down the street from this location in West Oakland about a year ago. Toward the top of the picture it says “Know Justice, Know Peace.”

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Looking toward downtown #Oakland (Taken with Instagram at East 18th Street Pier)

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is great.

especially because san francisco holds back the fog allowing oakland to be super warm and amazing. kalsdfjakl;dfjsdaklfds i love summer.

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Bay Area from Space

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Oakland A’s vs. New York Yankees